5 Ways to Make Your Serviced Apartment Feel More Like Home

ServicedApartments.NL goes above and beyond to try and ensure that your stay in one of our serviced apartments is as pleasant and comfortable as possible. However, even we can appreciate that sometimes nothing quite beats home sweet home. But that doesn’t mean that your stay can’t include some home comforts. Here are five ways to make your new home feel more familiar.

1. Unpack

It might be tempting to leave all of your personal belongings inside your suitcase, grabbing what you need when you need it. But one of the best ways to make your serviced apartment feel more like home is to open that suitcase, take everything out, and find a nice spot for it in your new home. Then store the suitcase away!

2. Bring Photos

If you tend to pack only the essentials, make an exception and pack some photos of your family, friends, and favourite places. Just remember that making holes in the walls of a serviced apartment is a big no-no. To stay in their good books, bring along a few table frames or even a clothesline and pegs to display your memories on.

3. Bring Your One Thing

Almost everyone has one thing that they hate to leave behind when they go on a trip. Maybe it is a special pillow or a brand of tea. Whatever it is, rather than leaving it at home, consider bringing it along. It’s amazing how much difference having your one thing to hand can make when it comes to turning a new location into something that feels just like home.

4. Add Your Signature Scent

What smells make you think of home? Is it a certain spice or the smell of lavender? Try bringing that scent into your home via scented candles, spices and herbs, flowers, or even by cooking your favourite meals in your kitchen.

5. Include Some Nature

There is nothing that brightens up a space and makes it feel more lived in than flowers and plants. Luckily, in the Netherlands, both are easy to come by and fairly cheap. Wander down to the local market and enjoy the experience of picking out your favourites. If you are worried about having time to take care of your new housemates, consider small cacti and succulent plants. Both take up minimal space and are on the easy side when it comes to care.

What things do you do to make your serviced apartment feel like home?

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