8 Surprising Things to Do in The Hague

We bet that many of you are familiar with The Hague already. Even if the Mauritshuis or Peace Palace doesn’t ring a bell, international media regularly mentions The Hague. It’s the seat of the Dutch government and the location where international peace and justice conferences are hosted. Wandering around the centre, you can enjoy the city’s old-world charm by visiting landmarks like Binnenhof or Grote Kerk. However, if you are searching for an original experience, you should check out our list below:

1. The Hague Market: experience the energy of the Dutch marketplace. 

For an authentic experience, head off to the local market where the customs remain unchanged. Booth owners yell out their daily promotions to passersby and stalls tempt with a wide assortment of goods, such as fresh cheese, nuts, of course, herrings, clothing, and much more. You can grab a coffee and delicious street food as well. 

2. Panorama Mesdag: largest panorama from the 19th century. 

Immersive entertainment was “a thing” back in the Victorian times. Crowds of visitors would gather to admire the realistic 360-degree paintings of landscapes and historical events. Visit this 120-meter-long artwork and feel the charm of the old era. 

3. Clingendael Park: stroll around and smell the roses.

This is no ordinary park… the English-style landscape dates back 4 centuries! The former country estate is marked by beautiful buildings, gardens, fascinating tree groups, and water fountains. If you visit from May to June, you can admire a stunning display of roses and other flowers.

4. Louwman Museum: A treat for car lovers. 

If you want to discover the automobile world dating back to 1886, then this museum is a must-have point on your list. The private collection includes 250 classic and antique cars and scooters, including award-winning Jaguars and Lacondas!


5. Haagse Bos: the green oasis of a big city. 

Explore the country’s oldest forest dating back to the 16/17th century. Disconnect from the hustle and bustle of daily life amidst the old trees. You can even organize a picnic by the main pond or grab a tea and a bite at an authentic Swiss-inspired chalet. 

6. Celestial Vault: stargaze from a giant crater. 

What is this strange formation? A huge crater in the dunes of Kijkduin designed by James Turrell, an American artist known for experimenting with light and movement. Immerse yourself in this work of art and gaze at the stars like never before! The installation includes two benches where people can observe space from a new angle.

7. Het Rariteiten Kabinet: take home a querky souvenir.

A shop of odd second-hand curiosities located next to the Grote Kerk. No visit to the old town is complete without wandering into the nooks and crannies of this store. You’ll find here anything from taxidermy to old antiques and strange (but cool!) souvenirs. Even dinosaur bones...

 8. Van Kleef Museum and Distillery: share a drink with Van Gogh.

Rumours have it that this was Van Gogh’s favourite place for a sip of something stronger. It’s the only remaining genever producer in The Hague and dates back to 1842. Drop by for a glass of liquor at this historical location! You can explore the museum, learn more about the distilling process, and even bring a bottle back home ;)