8 Fun Things To Do In The Netherlands When It's Raining!

Just because it’s raining, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Whether it's just some “motregen” (a light drizzle that tickles you) or raining “pijpenstelen” (literally: raining pipe stems) there's always something to do! Keep reading for some tips for waterproof fun.

1. Try the famous Dutch pancakes in a typical pannenkoekenhuis!

The Dutch pancake (pannenkoek) is roughly the size of a plate and, in terms of thickness, falls somewhere between an American pancake and a French crepe. They can be topped with a wide range of sweet and savoury ingredients, such as fruits, cheese, chocolate, bacon, and syrup. So there really is something for everyone! One of the more traditional things to have on it is appelstroop, a dark syrup made from apples and sugar. Despite the crowds that gather at the Dutch pancake houses in the morning, the Dutch actually prefer to eat pannenkoeken at lunch or dinner.

2. Visit Markthal, the market for foodies in Rotterdam

With over 100 fresh product stands, 15 food shops, and a variety of restaurants, you'll have no choice but to leave with a full (and happy) stomach. What if we also told you that an artwork the size of two football fields, measuring 11,000 square meters, decorates the interior facade of this grand structure? The perfect way to spent a rainy day and soak up some culture!

3. Snoop in a second-hand shop or go to the IJhallen, the largest flea market in Europe.

The perfect plan for those who like a good bargain. Once a month, two warehouses are filled with 750 stands that sell vintage clothing, shoes, antiques, jewellery, books, and even furniture. Don’t forget to take cash with you as most stands don’t accept card payments! Want to get rid of your own goods? You can also rent a stall yourself.

4. Hit the slopes!

Who said you can’t ski in the Netherlands? Besides the fact that Indoor skiing is much cheaper than a trip to the Alps, it’s also a great way to practice your skills. There are different locations around the country (Zoetermeer, Limburg, The Hague, etc.) A quick Google will show you the nearest locations to you.

5. Go to the cinema and enjoy a good movie.

In the Netherlands, films are not dubbed and remain in their original language, instead, they have Dutch subtitles. Even better, cinema chain Pathé hosts monthly expat movie nights, where you can enjoy famous movies in English as well as connect with other expats in your city.

6. Nothing says "Dutch" like a slice of apple pie with a cup of hot chocolate.

If you ever pass by the NoorderMarkt in Amsterdam and see a long line, it's almost certainly for Winkel 43, who serves the best apple pie in town. Here, layers and layers of sliced appes tightly packed under a layer of yummy doughy pastry can be enjoyed with a nice cup of hot chocolate. Both are commonly served with a dollop slagroom. Let’s just say we make up for the calories by biking 😉

7. Discover the world of royal Delft Blue in the last remaining pottery factory.

Discover how the painters at the De Koninklijke Porceleyne Fles in Delft hand-decorate the renowned pottery. Over the past 400 years, artisans have designed their goods frequently using Chinese porcelain's shapes and patterns, but they have also experimented with their paintings, coming up with fresh scenes and the most unique styles. Everything is here, from the most exquisite vases to the national symbol Miffy.

8. Dance, run, jump… Work that rainy day out! 

Have you heard of Boddy? No membership, full flexibility and thousands of options with real-time access to classes & schedules. No more excuses! (you’ve got to burn off the sweet treats one way or another).

9. Try a typical dutch treat; stroopwafels!

Two layers of sweet baked dough held together by caramel filling, what more do you want? Step into the wonderful world of stroopwafels by paying a visit to the Kamphuisen Siroopwafelfabriek biscuit factory in Gouda. This is the city where they were invented, so there is no better place to taste the original sweet masterpiece!