7 Useful Apps For Your Short Term Stay In The Netherlands

When navigating a new country, in this case the Netherlands, you’ll quickly discover that the apps you’re familiar with aren’t quite useful here after all. That’s why we’re here to give you a list of apps that’ll make you feel like a Dutchie in no time!

Google Maps

Now it’s likely you already have this app on your phone, which makes it all the easier to use it upon arrival. Google Maps is great for navigating your way through the Netherlands as it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for Dam Square or for a barn in Groningen, almost every part of the country is visible via street view option.

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If walking to your destination is too great of a distance you can use the 9292 app to find out which public transportation method you can use to reach your destination. The train, metro, tram, bus and even ferry timetables can all be found via this app. Simply fill in your location and destination and it will tell you how to travel there. Now that’s what we call convenient!

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A Parking App

Conversely, if you’re travelling by car and want to avoid the hassle of dealing with a parking meter you can download a parking app such as Park-line to your phone and simply turn the digital meter on once you have parked your car and turn it off once you’re ready to leave. Your parking fee will simply be debited off your account at the end of the month.

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Deliveroo & Uber Eats

Sometimes the busy expat lifestyle and cooking dinner are simply not compatible. On these days where you’re so tired you’d rather eat a cheese sandwich for dinner than whip up a gourmet meal, you can simply choose to order one. Deliveroo and Uber Eats both operate in major Dutch cities and whether you’re craving Korean bbq or a delish pasta carbonara you can find and order anything you want.

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Albert Heijn

On the days that you do feel like cooking up a storm and need groceries the Albert Heijn app will come in handy. Albert Heijn is a Dutch supermarket where you can find all products you need to make a great meal. The app is useful for finding delicious recipes and you can simply make a shopping list based on those (or other) recipes and order it from the app if you want to have it delivered to your home. 

If you still have to go to the store and feel a little impatient, you can even make a grocery list on the app and add the location of the store you’ll visit and the app will plan your route through the store so you won’t be walking up and down trying to find items!

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Not sure how to dress for the weather today? We’ve got you. Buienradar is the weather app most Dutchies use to check whether they’re going to need a raincoat or sunglasses. Living in the Netherlands means you need to be prepared for the weather to change in an instant! 

You might walk out in your heaviest coat ready to conquer the cold only for the sun to appear minutes later and suddenly your coat turns into a sauna. To avoid all that drama its best to check the app before you go outside so you’re prepared for whatever’s to come.

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The Dutch/English Dictionary

While most Dutch people speak English quite well, learning a little bit of Dutch can really enrich your expat experience by feeling like you’ve immersed yourself in the culture while you are here. This dictionary app makes it easy to search up words you’ve encountered and to get the best translation of its meaning.

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All in all these 7 apps are a great step in the right direction to navigating your way through the Dutch lifestyle and will have you feeling like a local in no time!