City Spotlight - 8 Surprising Things to do in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is the Dutch city with the most divided opinions. For some, it’s a full-on favourite: a thriving, modern metropolis. For others, it misses some of its old charm from before the war. Rotterdam was heavily bombed during WII, not leaving many of its old monuments. Luckily, since that time, the city has been fully rebuilt with fantastic museums and attractions. There’s just so much to do while you stay at a Rotterdam serviced apartment. Check out the list we’ve compiled below:

1. Visit the... Cube Houses

Rotterdam is full of little gems of modern architecture and design. One of the most impressive structures in the city are the Kubuswoningen designed by architect, Piet Blom. You can best check them out during a walk through the Old Harbour. Curious visitors can learn about the history of these houses at the Kijk Kubus, and even spend a night in one!

2. Hungry? The Market Hall Is a Treat for All

Additionally, if you’re down for a bit of socializing... this place is perfect for both. It’s one of the most popular hangouts in town. It owes its nickname Koopboog (“Horseshoe”) to the arch-shaped roof colourfully decorated with murals of vegetables, fish and other foods. You can buy dishes from all over the world here, and of course, traditional Dutch treats too. 

3. Cruise around the Europoort

If Rotterdam is known for one thing, it’s for its maritime industry. That means it has a massive port with a stunning panorama of the city. You can book a sightseeing tour by boat and admire many of the popular landmarks, which are beautifully illuminated by night. You’ll be impressed by the huge surge barrier and the Erasmus Bridge.

4. Smash Point at Pinball!

Want to see (and play) a variety of pinball games? In this unique museum, you’ll find new and old machines. Your inner child will be delighted ;) Some machines date back even 100 years. Bet you didn’t know that the concept of pinball was derived from older 18th-century games. 

5. Discover a Piece of Old Rotterdam

On the bank of the river Nieuwe Maas lies a reminiscence of the city’s history which survived the bombing of the city. It’s a very popular part of the city with bars, restaurants and... a very special church. The last mass conducted there was in 1620 by the Pilgrims setting sail for Massachusetts. 

6. Discover a Tiny Dimension

Perhaps you’ve heard of the Monnickendam display. Well, Rotterdam has its own mini version of the city – called Miniworld. 

7. For Sweet Tooths: The Pancake Boat

If you’re up for the cruise we mentioned above with a sweet twist... hop on the Pancake Boat for a top dining experience. All-you-can-eat pancakes. What can beat that? Well, perhaps eating pancakes during a 75-minute cruise around the harbour!

8. Check out Impressive Art

Our list wouldn’t be complete without a proper art gallery. And this one, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, is just as stunning (or more) as the Rijksmuseum. According to some visitors. That’s quite a compliment! Well-deserved because the works on display include art from Rubens, Frans Hals, Anthonie van Dijck.... just go and see for yourself ;)