Feel Home Wherever You Go 

Are you the type who gets homesick? At Serviced Apartments, we understand that staying in even the most appealing accommodation can feel frigid at times. Let’s face it, an elegantly arranged apartment still might be missing our favourite photo, pot plant, or fragrance. What appears to be details to others, creates the definition of home for us.

While repainting our walls is going too far, there are certain ways you can tweak the space according to your likes. Whether you are travelling for business or leisure – short stay or long stay. Make yourself feel right at home!

1. Immediately unpack your things!

Now, we know it can be a bother... after a long journey, you feel like just dumping your luggage in the corner and sleeping. Please take our word: hanging up your clothes and arranging your toiletries will personalize the space. And save you the stress of rummaging through your suitcase in the morning. 

2. Smells like home

Scent is closely associated with our memory and can make you feel right at home. So, be sure to pack a small oil burner or fragrance stick set with the scents you enjoy the most. Some earthy scents are musk, cedarwood and vanilla. You might also consider cleansing the energy with some palo santo or sage.

3. Cozy and soft 

Be sure to bring clothing made of cotton or other natural materials. That means at least one homewear set, slippers, socks and a bathrobe. That way, you can stay comfortable instead of feeling restrained in jeans or other stiff clothing. Consider also bringing your favourite pillow ;)

4. Bring a few cherished items

Do you have a family portrait that makes you smile? A small figurine or decoration? Our content designer likes to bring her crystals and her talisman - a tiny Buddha. Perhaps you’d like to enhance the air in your apartment with a pot plant (just make sure to bring a saucer to avoid leaks). Whatever works!

5. What’s brewing for breakfast?

After a good night’s rest, you want to start the day right. That means drinking your favourite beverage. Be prepared and pack tea, coffee or matcha, and those tiny milk pots (so you can take them on board). 

6. Music and movies to relax

You probably are bringing your laptop anyway. So, why not prepare a list of movies and music playlists for your stay? You can always attach it to our TV for a late-night movie marathon, or for setting the mood during the day. 

All apartments offered through ServicedApartments.nl are fully equipped and serviced, so we guarantee the comfort of your stay. Now all you need to do is bring your energy into the space. You can do it!