Alternative Christmas Markets

Germany gets all the credit when it comes to Christmas markets and with good reason. However, that’s not to say its neighbour doesn’t have plenty to offer. Whether you want to visit a more traditional Christmas market [link to other article] or prefer something a little different, there is a Christmas market in the Netherlands [...]

Summer in the Netherlands

The Netherlands may be the butt of all jokes when it comes to having a summer. But summer it does have…if you look past all the rain. Since the real summer days can be short in number, we want to make sure expats are able to make the most of all the sunny days, so [...]

We are shortlisted for the SA Awards 2018!

We are shortlisted for the SA Awards 2018! We're super stoked to have been shortlisted for 'Best short-term rental platform/operator' in this year's @ServAptNews Awards! To all other nominees: well done and we look forward to seeing you the 19th! #MixWithTheBest #SAAwards #London go back to the blog

The Zuidas Has It All

The Zuidas Has It All A place with young professionals, beautiful surroundings, shops, restaurants, and more parks than you can visit in a month: the Zuidas has it all. This project in the southernmost part of Amsterdam is quickly becoming the place to be and an amazing place to live. Work As Amsterdam's financial district [...]

Five Extras You Can Expect in Your Serviced Apartment

Five Extras You Can Expect in Your Serviced Apartment Whether it is your first time or your fifth, there is always something special about staying in a different country. But when it comes to spending time away from home either for short projects or longer-term assignments, sometimes you want a bit more privacy, space, and [...]

The International Schools of The Hague

The International Schools of The Hague The Hague is known for many things–its quick access to the beach, the Mauritshuis with its world-famous art collection, and the Peace Palace. But what you might not know is that The Hague also has the highest concentration of international schools in the Netherlands. You'll also find an excellent [...]’s Amsterdam Restaurant Tips’s Amsterdam Restaurant Tips Restaurant Lt. Cornelis Amsterdam–the city of canals, bridges, bikes, and restaurants. Yes, when it comes to dining out, Amsterdam has something to please everyone. The city's melting pot population has spilt over into its culinary options, meaning whether you are in the mood for something traditionally Dutch or have a craving [...]

Why Choose a Serviced Apartment?

Why Choose a Serviced Apartment? If you are looking for a place to stay rather than somewhere “just to sleep” while on a short or long business trip, then it would be well worth considering a serviced apartment. These furnished hotel alternatives are inclusive of all utilities, benefit from additional services, are (typically) conveniently located [...]

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