The coronavirus has a great impact on our lifes. Eating and drinking establishments and sports and fitness centres are closed and even visiting others has been restricted. A lot of us are also not able to go to the office. In this blog you will find helpful tips and fun activities to do, while not being able to go out.

Work from home with muscles and mind

• Working from home means you will be spending even more time behind your computer. Even the usual smalltalk during the coffeebreak will be virtual. If you spend all day long at your desk it is important to stretch your muscles. Luckily for us the internet is full of videos that help us do a quick workout. Do you need a relaxing stretching workout for stiff muscles and stress relief? Try these ‘easy stretches to do at work’:

• Working from home does not only affect our bodies, but also has a great impact on our minds. Do you want to start your day peacefully or do you need help clearing your mind after a long working day? Try online quarantine yoga classes:

Cultural couch entertainment

Now that we all have to stay home as much as possible it can be difficult to entertain yourself. That is why we have listed three activities you can do from home!


In the mood for food

As said before, all bars and restaurants had to close. Since you can no longer visit them, many restaurants decided to bring the food to you. The following websites keep track of the restaurants who started to deliver food:

• Amsterdam:
• Rotterdam: and
• The Hague:
• Eindhoven:
• Utrecht:

After you have typed in some text, hit ENTER to start searching...

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