Dutch Wonders Next to Eindhoven

If you are setting out to visit Eindhoven, why not broaden your travel plans? It might come as a surprise to you that Breda, Tilburg and Den Bosch are all cities 30 – 45 minutes away by train. That’s not far on the European scale. In fact, travelling across Amsterdam takes just as long. So, if you want to stay in close proximity to Eindhoven, check out the Serviced Apartments we have on offer in the surrounding cities and discover more…

Breda - history and nature in one place!

Whether you are visiting in summer or winter, Breda has plenty of attractions. This fun-loving city is known for its Carnival festivities and is home to many renowned DJs. It also boasts architecture, museums and lusciously green nature. 

The Old Town is a must-see with Golden Age buildings and the tallest church (also named… De Grote Kerk) reaching 97 metres in height! Another famous landmark is "Kasteel van Breda" (Breda Castle), home to the Nassaus and one of the most famous UNESCO sites in the country. 

The nature-lovers out there can fill their lungs with air in the Stadspark Valkenberg and surrounding greenery… and if the weather is right: go to Breda Beach. For enthusiasts of alternative art, there is a thrilling 13km city route lined with graffiti painted by international artists. 

Tilburg – the Dutch centre of textiles 

The city became the heart of textile production during the Industrial Revolution. Be sure to visit the fascinating Tilburg Museum of Textiles to learn about life back in those times! The Museum also organizes many design exhibitions. Or, if you are more into Ice Age history, visit the Natuurmuseum ;) 

The city also boasts nature: a beautiful forest park dating back to the Baroque period, called the Oude Warande and the Wandelbos. The last one includes a close encounter with the local goats, sheep, swans and llamas.

A great initiative of the Tilburg town hall is the Spoorpark, a place for playing, eating, resting and working built on the remains of a railway track. You can even dine inside an old train wagon!

Den Bosch – enjoy the Burgundian lifestyle

The citizens of Den Bosch (or ‘s-Hertogenbosch… ) are known for indulging in the finer side of life. Food, wine and everything that stands behind the meaning of joie-de-vivre. Experience great dining in the centre and admire the medieval market square which has recently regained its old appearance. Don’t forget to greet the dragon… 

Does the name Hieronymus Bosch ring a bell? It just so happens that the greatest medieval painter lived and created his works in Den Bosch. You can see his dark yet fantastical works at the JHeronimus Bosch Art Centre. Or spot statues of these strange creatures all around the city. We also advise you to check out the hipster hangouts at Tramkade. 

Whether you decide on staying at our properties in Breda, Tilburg or Den Bosch – you will have plenty of things to see! Nature parks, modern and classical art, museums and stunning architecture. North Brabant has it all! Houdoe!