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Outdoors  Serviced apartments outdoors 

Every apartment in New Orleans has its own balcony.

DTV  Media and Technology

You are able to enjoy digital tv in your apartment! It is included in the rate, just use the remote control to watch one of the channels.

Kitchen  Kitchen 

Every apartment has a fully equipped kitchen. Things you can find in the kitchen are a dishwasher, a toaster, a microwave and oven combination, a juicer, a coffee machine and an electric kettle besides pots & pans, plates, glasses and cutlery.

Living   Living area

The living room in every apartment is provided with a comfortable sitting and dining area. The style of the living area can change slightly per apartment.

Bedroom   Bedroom

The bedroom has a double bed out of two single beds (size 210 x 90 cm). There is enough storage space in the big wardrobe and hangers are provided.

Bathroom   Bathroom

The bathroom contains a bath, shower, (double) sink and toilet. There is another toilet separated from the bathroom.

Non-smoking   non-smoking

Each apartment is non-smoking. If available you are allowed to smoke on the balcony.

Laundry  Washing Machine & Dryer

All apartments have a washing machine and dryer.

Other popular apartments in Rotterdam

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