Finding the Right Apartment Made Simple

Whether you are travelling for business, relocating, or just want to enjoy a staycation: provides the best-equipped accommodation to ensure you a comfortable short stay. Renting these apartments makes travelling easy, starting from the short application process, through to weekly cleaning services, and accessibility to a wide range of facilities.

Determine Where You Will Travel

The properties offered on are located all over the country, with main focus on economical hubs and bigger cities. When choosing where to book your serviced apartment, consider the distance you will need to travel to work, to drop off the children at school, and… to places you will visit regularly. This may be the beach, the city centre, or the location of your courses or sports activities.

Spot Your Ideal Accommodation on Our Map

Did you know? has a new, practical feature allowing you to find the best matching accommodation for you and your family. Or for your employees. You can now spot our apartment rentals on the map with our new “search and book” module. Consider the travel time to places you will visit frequently (your workplace if you are a business traveller *wink*), as well as where you will spend your free time. Still choosing an international school for your child? We’ve prepared a list of international schools in the Amsterdam area.

Check Out Our Funky Filters

Using our new “search and book” module? You can choose filters to narrow down the search. Tick off your requirements: anything from parking spaces, a bathtub, a gym, pool and sauna, an elevator, or pet friendly accommodation, and our system will narrow down the search results for you. Yes, you did hear right: many of our apartment rentals allow you to bring your furry best friend with you.

What to Expect For Business Travel

Taking a break from your husband’s or wife’s daily Skype meetings? Or just want to experience a change of scenery and work abroad? We’ve got you covered! Of course you can always expect an excellent internet connection, but did you know that most of our partners can even get you ergonomic chairs and office desks with a lamp ensuring your working experience will be great?

Where Will You Spend Happy Hour?

Don’t forget to plan out how you will spend your free time. Whether you are coming for a staycation, or relocating. Are you into long walks on the beach? If you are working remotely, you might fancy staying in the Hague which is a stone throw away from Scheveningen Beach (good luck pronouncing this one!). Enjoyable all year round. Perhaps exploring historical cities is more your thing? An obvious destination is Amsterdam, but Utrecht and The Hague are filled with incredible architecture. Looking for modern dining after work, and high-class entertainment? Rotterdam is your best bet! Or, why not be adventurous and visit Groningen, Nijmegen or Maastricht? offers properties spread out in 24 cities within the Netherlands. That will satisfy even the most demanding business traveller. 

Need More Assistance?

You may have very specific needs regarding your accommodation. For those of you requiring a more tailor-made, personal service, we have a special submission form to fill in. Fill in all the details, and we will get back to you with the best matched apartment options asap. We hope these extra features will make booking with us even easier.