Looking for Amsterdam Housing? These are the Best Places to Live.

Looking for Amsterdam Housing? These are the Best Places to Live.

If you’re looking to move to Amsterdam, you might be wondering about which neighbourhood is the best choice. With our guide, you can wonder no longer. Whatever your lifestyle, you’ll find a great area that’s perfect for you.


With many clean, safe, residential neighbourhoods, Amsterdam-Zuid is a great area for families. The British School is located here, and the International School is within bicycle-riding distance as well. The housing costs are a bit higher than some other neighbourhoods, but the quality makes it worth it. It’s also quite convenient to upscale markets, boutiques, outdoor spaces, public transportation, and the city centre.

Many breath-taking buildings and shopping opportunities are in the Old South district. “Oud-Zuid” includes some of Amsterdam’s most sought-after museums, Vondelpark, and impressive homes.

The Zuidas area is a quickly-developing business district, also known as the “Financial Mile”. Already developed as a business centre, it’s now becoming a place to work, live, and play.

Along the IJ

The area along the River IJ spans across many districts of Amsterdam. There are quite a few Amsterdam housing options available, most of which are apartments. Along with train stations and industry, you can be neighbours with trendy restaurants and interesting museums —and the free ferry will take you across the river. There are also newly-reclaimed, man-made islands on the IJ that are being used to build more housing for all ranges of income levels.

In the Middle

For the true “Dutch experience” living in the city centre and along the canals can’t be beat. Old-style houses line the streets, along with plenty of cafes, restaurants, and shops.

Along the canals, you can enjoy amazing architecture and lovely gardens. Many of the older homes have been turned into apartments, but the buildings were built with no expense spared. This is a much-desired area, with a price tag to match, and limited space for parking. Houseboats can be a less-expensive and more-interesting way to live in this prestigious part of Amsterdam.

In Jordaan, not too far from Amsterdam’s shopping district you’ll find beautiful canals, narrow streets, and a mixture of trend-setters, expats, young families, and local-business owners. It’s a favourite hangout for both locals and tourists because of the vibrant atmosphere, markets, shops, and cafes. As with most of the city centre, though, there’s not much space and prices are on the high side.

The Oost

When it comes to Amsterdam housing, Amsterdam Oost with its wide streets and large 19th century buildings shouldn’t be excluded. There is a lot of cultural diversity here, which means plenty of great new foods to try in restaurants and markets. There is also plenty of open green space, shopping, and quite a few stylish clubs. Prices are rising here, so find your space fast.

Oud West and The Baarsjes

Oud West is very popular with expats. It’s less expensive than Oud-Zuid and a little more urban and edgy. There are great restaurants and cool and trendy shops, cafes, and bars. Plus, it’s still very close to the city centre.

A little west of the Oud West is De Baarsjes. It’s still remarkably close to the city centre and has plenty of green open spaces itself, including its own rambling Rembrandtpark. It’s growing increasingly popular with younger crowds and offers a wide range of cultural diversity.

Noord (Across the IJ)

North of the River IJ is the North, or Noord in Dutch. It’s the latest in up-and-coming areas in Amsterdam, and has a little bit of everything. There are nice residential neighbourhoods, family homes with gardens, creative types, festivals, lots of water, and big green expanses of land. There are many stylish hangouts along the river, and the city centre is just a free, ferry ride away.

No matter what you’re looking to spend, the type of Amsterdam housing you want, or how you plan to spend your free time, you should be able to find a great spot for your new home. With the incredible array of neighbourhood types, Amsterdam surely has something for everyone.

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