Apartment in Rotterdam

Unlike most Dutch cities, Rotterdam is a city consisting mainly of modern buildings. Here you will even find skyscrapers, which are an uncommon sight in the rest of the Netherlands. The city is ever-changing, and known for daring and spectacular architecture.

This means that the city is open and the apartments comfortable, often with great views. People in the Netherlands are also realizing this, and moving to this city in large numbers.

Living in Rotterdam

Business in Rotterdam – Rotterdam is a booming city. It has the largest port of Europe, and is well-connected to the rest of the continent by road, water and air. But this city does not only attract companies in logistics and heavy industry. Many multinationals and finance companies also have their headquarters here. Most of these companies even arrange an apartment in Rotterdam for their employees.

The excellent connections aren’t the only reasons many companies choose Rotterdam. Because the city center is so modern, great office space is relatively easy to come by. Moreover, Rotterdam’s diverse inhabitants are known for their industrious spirit and hard-working attitude.

In recent years, tourism has also been on the rise. The city has been featured in top 10’s of cities to visit by both Lonely Planet en Rough Guide. Attractions include modern architecture, art, shopping and a vibrant food scene.

Living in Rotterdam – After most of the city was bombed in the Second World War, Rotterdam chose not to rebuild in the old style. Instead, it rose from its ashes as a thoroughly modern city. This mindset still lives on, and development is ever continuing.

In the last years, this development has focused on creating pleasant and green places to live around the city center. Choices range from green suburbs to impressive residential skyscrapers. Many roomy and comfortable apartments are situated here. It is easy to get to the vibrant, multicultural city center from here by public transport.

Rotterdam housing by offers luxury housing in the Rotterdam New Orleans tower and other central locations throughout the city for people who are planning to stay in Rotterdam for a couple of weeks or months. The apartments are always fully equipped and therefore perfect for business travellers.

So, what can you, or your employee, expect when you rent one of our apartments? The apartments offered on are meant to be a real home away from home. They include all the amenities you’d need, such as a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, washing machine and dryer.

The fact that you’re not booking a hotel doesn’t mean you lose out on service. Services such as cleaning and linen changes, WiFi and TV are all arranged. You won’t have to worry about traveling to your apartment, as we can arrange airport pickup, car rental and parking. Regardless of whether you choose a modest serviced apartment or opt for something more luxurious, we always offer high quality and high service. And simply no hotel can match the privacy and comfort of having your own place.

The advantages of renting a temporary apartment through

  • Fully furnished and equipped apartments
  • Carefully selected places
  • Wide range of apartments
  • Perfect locations
  • Additional services such as weekly cleaning
  • Personal welcome
  • No hidden costs or fees


Are you interested in renting an apartment in Rotterdam? Don’t hesitate to call us via +31 (0)20 723 3490.

How to book your apartment?

You can easily book your apartment in Rotterdam through Simply browse through the pictures of your favourite apartment and check which services are included. If you choose to book, you fill in the request form, and we will get back to you within a day. Once the booking is confirmed, you are all set. If you want to know more about how to book an apartment, visit our how to book page.

Renting an apartment in other Dutch cities

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