Serviced Apartment Or Hotel Accommodation

So, you have decided to travel. Whether it’s because of a work project or you just finally felt comfortable enough to make the move to your new expat location, you want it to go as smooth as possible, right? Although both options offer advantages, if you're considering moving, there are several benefits to staying in a serviced apartment rather than a hotel. We've listed the main ones below.

  • Airport Pick-Up: Public transport is running very well in the Netherlands. But if you would prefer to skip the waiting for the next metro, tram, bus or train; delays; dragging your suitcases around, etc. - then we can arrange a pick-up from the airport in a super comfortable taxi for you (and your family).
  • Extra Space: Serviced apartments are available in a range of different sizes—including one, two, and even five bedroom apartments. That means – no matter how big the family is - everyone has the space to do their own thing, but you still have communal areas like a lounge where you can gather to spend time together. Also when travelling alone it can be liberating to have more than just one room with your bed in it!
  • Private Cooking Facilities: Not only do you have more space, but all serviced apartments have fully furnished kitchens. This means that you can enjoy your favourite meals, no matter where in the world you are! Plus, since you aren’t eating out for every meal, you end up saving money.
  • Weekly Cleaning Service: All partners of maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Most of our partners even offer a weekly cleaning service (you can check this with our booking angels). Also, a lot of the apartments offer laundry facilities, ensuring that you don’t need to rely on a laundromat or facilities shared with others.
  • Plenty of Room to “Work From Home”: You will find your serviced apartment perfectly equipped to work from home. A lot of apartments have a desk or a large dining table to work from. Plus, many partners even have a private and secure router/network providing a very fast and safe internet connection. Perfect for virtual meetings, research, and uploading/downloading documents.
  • Personalised Support: One of the best benefits of staying in a serviced apartment versus a hotel? The personalised guidance, information, and tips from the staff ensuring your stay in the Netherlands is not only safe, but also enjoyable.

All in all, serviced apartments offer a more comfortable and convenient alternative to hotels, by offering business travellers independence, privacy, space and a taste of local living that hotels simply cannot match!

So, are you an ambitious business traveller who is looking for a temporary apartment? We can assist you in finding the accommodation that fits your needs! Fill out the form for a tailor-made advice; our booking team will be happy to look for your perfect apartment.