The Era of Digital Nomads & Workationers

Remote work is not just a choice nowadays. Most employees have been requested to shift their work activities into their homes. Jobs which were once on-location, have now become fully or partially remote. On the positive side, this has given corporate employees flexibility to work from wherever they please. There’s no need to wait for that anticipated holiday anymore. Work and travel to any destination that allows it. Just like the ever-growing community of freelancers does.

The History of Freelance

Yes, freelancing has become a “thing” ever since internet has become accessible to everyone. And, it’s been on the rise especially in the last decade. The modern worker wants much more freedom than the previous generations. Freedom to travel, freedom to choose their clients, projects, and determine their working hours. While most of these privileges have been available only to freelancers, since last year, the whole world has turned remote.

Work & Travel

The term “digital nomad” was first used in 1997 as a book title. Whilst freelancing doesn’t necessarily involve travel (but can!), the term “digital nomad” defines an entire lifestyle. Digital nomads travel from location to location like the nomadic tribes do in North Africa. Due to world-wide internet access, they limit all work activities to a laptop/tablet/phone. These adventure-seekers can be spotted working from cafés, public libraries, co-working spaces, and… camper vans. And those going for a short stay abroad, rent out serviced apartments.

Planning Your Workation

Regardless whether you are a freelancer, a digital nomad, or a remote office worker – in these times, you are free to work from anywhere you please. All you need is internet access and a workspace. This means, planning a workation has never been easier. Why sit around at home day after day, when you could explore a new city? By renting out a serviced apartment, you can combine the comfort of home with the functionality of a workspace. Most of our partners offer work-from-home sets including a desk, a chair, and a lamp. And of course they all offer a superfast internet connection! All essential for getting some serious work done. Some of the apartments are even part of a home base for travelling professionals. This means, you gain unlimited access to the social areas and restaurants. Places like these are great for newcomer expats!

Work is Only Part of the Plan

Just imagine: after finishing your duties, you are free to step outside and explore! Even with the COVID restrictions in place, there is a lot to see and experience in the Dutch cities. Depending on the current measures, you might be able to visit some museums. Luckily, wandering along the charming canals and exploring the nature outside of the city is always accessible – no matter what. Historical buildings, canal houses, windmills, monuments, churches – the Netherlands is full of architectural wonders which you can admire without spending a penny. Each city has its own history and buildings even dating back to the Medieval times.

A Treat for Everyone

When you begin to feel hungry – fear not! There is an abundance of restaurants and cafés open for take-away. You can choose to pick up your meal on the spot, or have it delivered to your apartment through sites like Thuisbezorgd, Uber Eats or Deliveroo

The restaurant prices vary from very affordable (as cheap as cooking yourself) to more expensive fine dining. That means ranging from 12 Euros for a basic meal, through to a standard of 16 euros, and ending at around 30 euros. There is something for every taste. In Amsterdam alone there is over 1300 restaurants, read all about our favorites here .

Become Your Own Chef

Keep in mind, though, that all the serviced apartments we're offering are equipped with a proper kitchen. You are free to “masterchef” all you please – breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, if you wish to impress someone, you can order some fine dining from one of the top restaurants . They deliver to your address, and then it’s your task to heat it up and add the finishing touches. For one night, you can become a Chef de Cuisine!

After taking long walks through the city, you will need a good rest. Fancy a bath to relax? Enjoy our fully-equipped, luxury bathrooms, and allow yourself to unwind.

Do we need to tell you more? Surely, everyone’s looking for a city break after the past year. Luckily, working from a trendy and practical location has never been easier. Booking your serviced apartment is only a few clicks away on our website. Check out a selection of the apartments we have to offer here and enjoy a well-deserved workation in the Netherlands!