The Zuidas Has It All

A place with young professionals, beautiful surroundings, shops, restaurants, and more parks than you can visit in a month: the Zuidas has it all. This project in the southernmost part of Amsterdam is quickly becoming the place to be and an amazing place to live.


As Amsterdam’s financial district the Zuidas has some of the biggest and strongest companies in this amazing part of the city. Google, ING, CoolBlue but also the VU Hospital, Amsterdam RAI, and, of course, its own World Trade Center, are all located right here.


With its centralised location, individuals with children will find travelling around very easily. And even if you don’t want to venture far from home, in the Zuidas itself there are many things to do and see. Think of all the playgrounds for your kids and the parks to walk around and get a nose full of fresh air. This all in the area you live in; what a great place to raise a family.


Amsterdam Zuid is one of the best-connected railway stations in the Netherlands.

The train to Amsterdam’s Central Station—roughly 20 minutes. Need to go to Utrecht? You are there in just over 30 minutes. Travelling into the heart of Amsterdam? The subway or bus will take you wherever you need to go in mere minutes. And last but not least: visiting your family in your home country or welcoming guests to the Netherlands? The train will take you to Schiphol in just 10 minutes.


The great thing about the Zuidas is that you have everything you need so close by. Supermarkets are stocked with fresh produce so that you can cook your favourite meals every day. Why not try one of the many restaurants the neighbourhood has to offer? There are so many great restaurants to choose from: Bolenius, Gustavino, Oliver’s. Not sure what you feel like?  Check out Market33, known as the Zuidas urban food court, this Market is filled with various cuisines from around the world as well as bars for tea, coffee, beer, and wine.

The Zuidas is a great place for anybody to spend time and live. For someone alone it has great atmosphere, great places to go out and have a good time and meet new people. For families it has places to spend weekends together, eat a tasty meal, and even offers a variety of schools and day-care locations. In short: The Zuidas has it all.

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