8 Useful Apps for Your Short Term Stay in the Netherlands

8 Useful Apps for Your Short Term Stay in the Netherlands

There are always a handful of apps that suit a country perfectly. Knowing which ones they are, that’s the hard part. To help you settle into your short term stay in the Netherlands, we’ve made a list of some of the most useful apps for the Netherlands.


The weather in the Netherlands can be a little…unsettled at times. It isn’t uncommon to experience more than one type of weather in a day, which can make planning appointments and deciding what to wear a little tricky. Buienradar is an app that will do its best to let you know what to expect rain shower-wise


This Dutch news app has a couple of useful features even if you aren’t planning on learning Dutch. As a news app, it is one of the best. So, if you do speak (some) Dutch, then you’ll want to take a look at it. If you don’t speak Dutch, but want to learn some new words, use the app to help you do so. For everyone else, you can use the icons at the top to keep an eye on the weather, what’s on TV, football scores, the number of current traffic jams in the country, and the stock market.

Bonus Tip: There are a number of English news apps for the Netherlands. Search for “Dutch News” in your app store to find one you like the look of.


Most likely you started your short term stay in the Netherlands at Schiphol airport, and no doubt you will spend more time there in the future. So, it is handy that the airport has its own app with real-time flight information, essential maps, and personal travel information.


There are times when using the car to get to a location or event actually isn’t the best option. For those moments, you’ll want to take advantage of this real-time journey planner.

A Camera App

You can’t come to the Netherlands—even on a short-term stay—and not take some photos of the inspiring landscapes, traditional windmills, and wheels of cheese. Make sure you have a camera app on your phone, such as Aviary, that is up to the job and familiarise yourself with its main functions before you need them.

Google Maps

Roads can be tricky in the Netherlands. They twist and turn, suddenly end, and can be too small to show up on basic maps. That’s where Google Maps comes in. Use it as a GPS or as an aid for getting to that new restaurant you want to try.


If you are in the mood for something to eat, but don’t want to go out and have little energy for cooking, try the Thuisbezord app. From pizza to kebab, you’ll find a list of restaurants/take-aways in your area that deliver. Narrow down the cuisine, select your dishes, and then place your order. There are a number of payment options available via the app.

A Parking App

Parking in the Netherlands is moving more and more to mobile parking. It’s also a lot more convenient. But to take advantage of mobile parking, you’ll need to register with one of the mobile parking providers (e.g. Park-line, Yellowbrick). Once registered, you’ll be able to start and stop your parking via text or app, saving you from worrying about whether you put enough money in the meter.

*Bonus App*: Appie 

Appie is Albert Heijn’s app, the largest Dutch supermarket chain. Since grocery shopping and healthy cooking can be difficult when on a business trip in a new country, this app is your new best friend. Look up recipes, order your ingredients by mobile phone and have them delivered to your doorstep. A healthy lifestyle was never this easy (if you can resist the temptation to also order your favorite wine and chocolates there that is)!

What are your favourite apps for a short term stay in the Netherlands?

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