7 Top Restaurants In The Netherlands

“We all eat, and it would be a sad waste of opportunity to eat badly.” -Anna Thomas

A bad meal is a disappoint. So, it makes perfect sense that you would be after the best places to eat in the Netherlands. Here are eight restaurant suggestions, direct from the ServicedApartments.nl team, to ensure you don’t have a disappointing meal during your extended stay in the country.

La Catrina (Amsterdam)

“Authentic Mexican flavor, fresh ingredients, perfect taste and a really cool vibe!”

-Ruben: Online Channel Specialist

With some of the best looking and tasting Mexican dishes in the Netherlands, the only trouble you will have is deciding what to order. Luckily you can always come back for a second (or third…) visit.

The Seafood Bar (Amsterdam)

“The Seafood Bar serves the freshest fish and the most delicious wines!”

-Romy: Reservations and Sales Coordinator

This award-winning restaurant was founded by the De Visscher family who have been fishmongers since 1984. The range, freshness, and selection are known to be top-class; all served in a trendy environment.

De Zeeuw (Haarlem)

“A fabulous find in Haarlem. Each course is superb and refined.”

-Christel: Reservations and Sales Supervisor

Serving French cuisine with a hint of rock and roll, Chef Jeroen offers a menu full of local produce and that changes with the seasons. For an extra special experience, go for Table Zero, a table in the heart of the kitchen for up to three people.

Yamazato (Amsterdam)

“Yamazato is the first traditional Japanese restaurant in Europe. The food is both delicious and polished!”

-Anjani: Reservations and Sales Coordinator

Situated in the exclusive Hotel Okura Amsterdam, Yamazato serves authentic Japanese haute cuisine, called kaiseki ryori. It has earned the first Michelin Star to be awarded to a traditional Japanese restaurant in Europe for good reason.

Bar Bistro Joseph 

“This is ‘the place to be’ in Hoofddorp. Dishes here are very well prepared and priced reasonably.”

-Lisa: Marketing and Communications Specialist

Culinary highlights from all over the world, with a unique twist from the chef – it doesn’t get much better than this. Plus, sitting here, you’ll have a chance to feel like a real local.

Bussia (Amsterdam)

“Bussia captures the charm of Amsterdam through its canal view, whilst serving the most delicious dishes with an Italian attitude.”

-Liam: Reservations and Sales Coordinator

For fine Italian dining, Bussia should be at the top of your list. You’ll almost certainly need a reservation to get in, but the food, presentation, and service all make it worth the effort.