Serviced Apartment Or Hotel Accommodation During Coronavirus Times

So, you have decided to travel. Whether it is because of an urgent work project or you just finally felt comfortable enough to make the move to your new expat location, you want to be and feel safe, right? And while all accommodation providers are doing their best to tackle coronavirus and keep their guests healthy, there are a few areas where staying in a serviced apartment rather than a hotel are to your advantage. We’ve outlined the key ones below.

Airport Pick-Up: Public transport is running in the Netherlands during COVID-19. But if you would prefer to skip being around so many people and the required face mask, then we can arrange a pick-up from the airport in a pre-disinfected taxi van for you.

Extra Space: Dutch guidelines advise keeping 1.5 metres distance from other people. But what if you want to have a work colleague or friend to visit? In a hotel room, it might be difficult to keep to the guidelines. But not in a serviced apartment where space is very generous.

Private Cooking Facilities: Not only do you have more space, but you will also have your own kitchen. So you can prepare and cook your meals without needing to share with others.

Weekly Cleaning Service: We maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene, and in response to COVID-19, we have taken extra measures to make our cleaning and hygiene protocols during the weekly  and pre-arrival clean even more rigorous.

Laundry Facilities: A serviced apartment means you will have your own laundry facilities rather than needing to rely on a laundromat, shared facilities, or expensive laundry services.

Plenty of Room to “Work From Home”: You will find your serviced apartment perfectly equipped to work from home. All of our apartments have a desk or a large dining table to work from.

Fast and Stable Internet Connection: Our apartments also all have a private and secure router/network producing a very fast, safe, and stable internet connection. Perfect for virtual meetings, research, and uploading/downloading documents.

Virtual Check-In: At many of our properties, you can take advantage of our virtual check-in. No need to wait in line or even meet with someone face-to-face. Just grab your mobile phone, check-in, and use it to gain access to your apartment.

Personalised Support: One of the best extra benefits of staying in a serviced apartment versus a hotel? The personalised guidance, information, and tips (including changes to COVID-19 guidance) from the staff ensuring your stay in the Netherlands is not only safe, but also enjoyable.