Amstelveen as Expat City

More and more foreign talent workers choose to go live in Amstelveen, right next to our capital Amsterdam. And we have to say that we totally understand why, as there is definitely a lot to do in this city with its remarkable charm! To make it easier for you, we’ve prepared a list on what to see and do when staying here!


Looking for a new shirt, blouse or suit? Or do you just want to stroll around some shops? Amstelveen’s city centre is known for its atmospheric and elegant shops. The indoor shopping centre Stadshart is the place to be, as it accommodates 151 different shops. Moreover, it has a wide and diverse range of cafés, lunchrooms and restaurants with a total of 27 Food & Beverage outlets!


In an old town with a lot of history, you’ll never get bored. If you are interested in modern art, you should definitely visit the Cobra Museum. The Museum of Modern Art presents, national and international exhibitions of 20th-century and contemporary art. They offer a wide range of public activities ‘to educate and entertain’. 

Another interesting Museum is JAN, a museum of visual arts with a special focus on glass art. The museum’s own collection consists of unique glass objects assembled by founder Jan van der Togt. He collected international top art based on what fascinated him aesthetically. In addition to this characterful collection, Museum JAN offers a comprehensive and appealing exhibition program.


Are you trying to integrate and are you interested in typically Dutch cheese and clogs? Look no further! Clara Maria Cheese Farm & Clog Factory is a beautiful farmhouse where you feel yourself literally step back in time. The cheesemaker will share all the secrets of his trade with you, and the clog maker will transform blocks of wood into footwear in front of your eyes. 

Looking for a more active, fun and safe experience in nature? Visit the Fun Forest, to experience the ultimate adventure in nature! You will move through the forest with ropes, zip lines and cross bridges. Are you in? Young or old, Tarzan or Jane, everyone is welcome. The only thing you need is a little bit of nerve. 


Amstelveen botanical parks (Dr. Jac. P. Thijssepark, De Braak and the Dr. Koos Landwehrpark) are islands of peace and wonder and are well worth their visit. It is a real pleasure to go for a walk and enjoy the wild flora that has been collected here as a living picture in a romantic atmosphere. Every year Amstelveen is hosting a cherry blossom festival in March or April, depending on the timing of the blossom to bloom. It is tradition for friends and families to go picknick under the beautiful trees. We could highly recommend to visit the cherry blossom park as it is stunning! Want to make a romantic or beautiful picture for your socials? Go there!

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your camera, walking shoes and… veel plezier!