How to Choose the Perfect Short-Stay Apartment

So, you are heading to the Netherlands and have decided to stay in an expat rental. No hotel for you, thank you very much. But just how does one go about choosing the perfect short-stay apartment? Let these tips guide you.

Use a reputable company

This tip goes without saying really, but it would be irresponsible of us not to include it. Of course, there is always going to be someone who showed up in a foreign country, grabbed a newspaper, viewed the first apartment listed, and found their dream property. But that isn’t usually the case. By going with a reputable company with proven experience, you are reducing the stress and increasing the enjoyment of your temporary stay in the Netherlands.

Review the pictures

No doubt flicking through the pictures for a potential property is high on the to do list. But don’t be satisfied with just one or two. You’ll want to get a mini-tour of the apartment via the photos. Is that a big enough kitchen for you to cook in? Would you want to wash yourself clean in that shower? And if there aren’t enough photos to satisfy you or a crucial room is missing, ask for more.

Confirm the amenities

Does that expat rental include Wi-Fi? What about washing and cleaning services? If not, where is the nearest location for you to be able to wash your clothes. Make a list of all the amenities and services and you currently use on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Then compare that list to the amenities on offer at the apartment you are considering.

Investigate the location

Anyone who has watched a real estate programme knows, not all locations are created equally—and that especially applies in big cities. Be sure to do your research not just for the transport links and restaurants available, but also consider factors such as nearby green spaces, closeness to the places you will need/want to visit, and availability of services you enjoy using, for example gyms, entertainment, and markets.

Check the customer service

We’ve already mentioned the importance of using a reputable company above. One way to test that? Check out their customer service. Are they easy to get hold of? Are they friendly, helpful, and respectful? Can you understand them easily? These are the people who will be helping you find and book your place to stay, as well as being your point of contact regarding the rental throughout your stay. So, make sure their customer service is good before you need to use it.

Read the reviews

You have probably already thought of this one, but just in case you haven’t, be sure to read the reviews. Ideally for the apartment itself, if they are available, and if not then at least find reviews for the company itself. Try Facebook, Google, and a general internet search to see what others are saying. Or simply visit and let us do the hard work for you