Staying in the Netherlands during your Christmas Holidays

The holiday season is around the corner and it going to be a little different than what we expected. Some activities might have to be postponed till the coming year. While a trip to the Alps or a tropical vacation are not part of the plans this year, some have still chosen to book a staycation in the Netherlands. 

If you are one of those people or are wondering if you will still be able to enjoy a staycation during these new restrictions, we are here to ease your worry. 

Safe and practical 

Like some of you who are currently already staying in serviced apartments know, the benefit of staying in one means you get to enjoy all amenities that you have in a normal home so its ideal for a vacation where you want a place where you can still enjoy indoor activities such as baking Christmas cookies and feasts, because they always have fully equipped kitchens. They offer more privacy and space than a hotel room which allows you to social distance more safely and only choose to be around the few family members you are allowed to bring along. 

While there isn’t much to do outside, we still want to make a few suggestions on places you can safely explore and get to experience a change in scenery. 


Loosdrecht and its surroundings are known for being a popular water sports area and is surrounded by green. If you want to stay in a quiet area with beautiful views, then it’s a place worth considering. Next to Loosdrecht you’ll find the Corvers forest which is a nice place to go for a walk and catch some fresh air after being indoors all the time. In the New- Loosdrecht town centre, you can still find all amenities you need to have a comfortable stay, so you won’t have to drive a great distance to get anything you need. 

Limburg’s pastries in Maastricht 

While if you’re still hoping to feel like you are actually abroad there’s one province that will surely feel more foreign and that is Limburg. The rolling hills in the south of the province already give you the sense of being in abroad and the dialect the locals speak might make you believe you’re in Germany instead.  

Limburg’s most well-known city is Maastricht. It was founded on both sides of the Maas river and as such you get the feeling that you’re exploring two different cities in one. One thing you must try when in staying Maastricht or any part of is Limburg is their delicious “Limburgse vlaai” which is a pie filled with cherries or other delicious fruits. Since its usually eaten during festivities it’s the perfect dessert to serve at you Christmas dinner. 

We hope that we have eased any concern on if you’ll still be able to enjoy these lovely places and to show that they have a lot to offer even in these times. Whether you were planning a staycation and hadn’t decided yet or you’re already staying in the area and are curious about what it has to offer there’s still an opportunity to have a fun holiday season.