The Best Take-Away Places To Order Food For A Sunny Picnic


  • If you enjoy your picnics by the water, then Karaat Amsterdam should be in the planning. A short stroll from a delightful spot with picnic benches by the water, you can enjoy sandwiches and baked good from the bakery or sushi and starters from the takeaway menu.
  • Can’t decide what to eat? Well head on over to Market 33. This urban food court has a range of food stands all serving up healthy and delicious dishes created by passionate local food entrepreneurs using fresh ingredients. Tacos? Check! Flammkuchen? Check! Organic fries? Check! Check!
  • Braai Amsterdam has four locations across the city, but it is their Vondelpark location, (close to…you guessed it…Vondelpark!), where they began. As the name implies you’ll find plenty of mouthwatering BBQ dishes and saucy sauces on the menu.


  • Koekela is a favourite in Rotterdam. An American style bakery specialising in homemade cakes and cookies right in the heart of the city. Keep an eye on their website for availability. During these Corona times, they have been running regular drive-thru’s in Schiedam, but their webshop is also open.
  • If you were to combine the best snackbar food with gin and tonics, beer, and/or wine, Tante Nel would be the result. Don’t miss out on the frietje stoofvlees!
  • Old Dutch has knocked the delivery options out of the park with their “choice” and “apéritief” boxes. While they are only available at the weekend, pairing one of the boxes with a bottle of wine or your favourite drink will result in an instant picnic.

The Hague

  • The pizzas from Follia were chosen by the indebuurt readers as the best in The Hague. If that isn’t reason enough to order one up for delivery or pick-up, we don’t know what is. Even better, order a couple, grab some wine, and head outside.
  • If you haven’t had a slice of cheesecake from the Cheesecake Company, then you are in for a treat (no pun intended!). The cheesecakes are freshly made each day and range in flavours from the classics to more “adult” flavours.
  • Breakfast, lunch, and baked goods — oh my! You will find all three of these delicious items and plenty more at Canterbury Tales on Kepplerstraat.


  • Mediterranean restaurant Por Favor might have started its “surprise box” to help support friends and family who can’t physically be together during COVID-19, but they are also the perfect picnic food! Have your box delivered at home. Once it arrives, you are all set.
  • If you are missing sashimi, sushi, and gyoza, Arigato is running a special delivery/pick-up menu that will make you smile. They only open from 4 p.m. at the moment, but with the days getting longer, it is still a great option.
  • PHOOD might not have even officially opened yet (grand opening June 5-7th), but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy one of their farm boxes or meal deals.


  • JackRabbit, known for its fresh dishes and cocktails on Neude 29, offers a special take away and delivery menu. Will you dive into one of their poké bowls, munch on a grilled flat breads, or indulge in a crispy duck mango salad? They have even put together a number of gin and tonic boxes to round your meal off.
  • Loaded, serving its festival style and street-food dishes on the Amsterdamsestraatweg has crispy fried chicken, chilli cheese fries, pancakes, and much more ready and waiting for the hungry diner who enjoys the sun.
  • Fancy a breakfast or brunch picnic? Then take a look at Cupp. They offer a pick-up breakfast option with boxes complete for one or two people. Adding something extra  — an extra croissant or a slice of banana bread, perhaps — or going à la carte is also possible.