Your Local Guide For Tasty Takeaways

We get it, sometimes you really don’t feel like cooking. Instead, you would rather sit down at a nice restaurant and have all the work done for you. We don’t blame you, having the added ambiance of a restaurant is a nice treat too! Unfortunately, we can’t go to restaurants at the moment, but what if we told you that you can bring that restaurant atmosphere right to your own dining room?

For those of you who really do not feel like cooking and just want to have a tasty meal, we’ve got you. Here’s some suggestions for great restaurants in your area!

  • Happyhappyjoyjoy
    Bring the Asian spirit to your home, happyhappyjoyjoy has a delicious takeout menu! Think about the heart and soul of Asia’s street food, from soft steamed buns to melt in your mouth dumplings, happyhappyjoyjoy has it all!
  • Il Cavallino
    If you’re looking for finger licking good Italian food in Amsterdam, this is the place to be! They offer a variety of hearty pasta dishes, fresh pizzas, and tasty sides. Classic Italian comfort food!
  • Box Sociaal
    Feeling li ke brunch? Look no further than Box Sociaal, an Aussie style brunch and dinner café! From delicious sandwiches and pies to hand-cut fries and cheesy mac, Box Sociaal is the place to be.

  • Roffa Streetfoodbar
    This street food bar is known for being a barbecue joint just like the ones you know from the USA, but with a local Rotterdam twist! The juicy burgers and buffalo wings from their Oklahoma smoker are to die for.
  • Loos
    Loos is a staple if you ask any Rotterdam local! Their menu has a true grand-café style with flavour packed dishes for every moment of the day. Simple, hearty, delicious, order to your hearts content!
  • Le Nord
    Le Nord focuses on enjoying and experiencing local foods with respect for nature. Their takeaway menu offers an extensive variety of mouthwatering dishes, with vegetarian and vegan options too!

The Hague
  • Dekxels
    Dekxels is a fusion of Mediterranean and Asian flavours that are merged into small dishes. Feeling like a fresh salmon sashimi? Or maybe more like a Japanese style risotto? Whatever you choose the dishes from Dekxels will surely be a treat to your tastebuds!
  • Pazze e Pizze
    Looking for traditional Roman style pizza? You got it! Pazze e Pizze has all the fresh toppings you enjoy, served on a light and fluffy pizza base. Not a pizza person? Their selection of fresh pastas and flatbreads will be right up your alley!
  • Aardi
    Craving a super fresh vegetarian or vegan option? Aardi serves hearty Lebanese bowls which are always fresh, homemade, healthy, and tasty. Enjoy Lebanese flavours just the way they are supposed to taste!

  • Restaurant Welp
    Not sure what you’re feeling like? We’ve got the perfect spot for you! Welp does all kinds of international cuisine and offers a different three course menu every single weekend with pure and fresh ingredients!
  • The Happiness Café
    Grab a coffee or juice and a fresh sandwich at The Happiness Café! The ultimate kickstart (or pick me up) to your day starts here where they serve delicious organic products and dishes with seasonal ingredients!
  • Gusto 040
    Gusto 040 makes gorgeous tapas in true Spanish style, though some with a twist! That’s because this restaurant is a big fan of offering vegetarian and vegan options in their menu. Gusto 040 is also sure to have a matching wine with your dishes!

  • Surya
    Get ready for big flavours from India and Nepal! Surya has it all, from a classic melt-in-your-mouth butter chicken to a light and fluffy peshwari naan, all made in their traditional Tandoor oven!
  • Tapasbar Vintage
    Cold tapas, hot tapas, fish, meat, or vegetarian. Anything is possible at Tapasbar Vintage! Small, flavourful, and simply delicious Spanish specials where you can taste the rich history behind the cuisine!
  • Miyagi & Jones
    Think fresh, think light, think a little spicy if that’s what you’re into! Miyagi and Jones has a big array of Asian gastro and streetfood dishes. Take your tastebuds on a trip through Asia by ordering a three or four course meal!

  • Loetje
    If you’re in the Netherlands, having a juicy steak at Loetje at least once is a must. Good news, you can get their dishes for take away! Don’t forget to order a good helping of fries to soak up some of that buttery gravy!
  • TEDS
    It’s time for a royal brunch at home! Teds offers a wide selection of brunch food, so get yourself ready for sweet goodness. Banana pancakes, french toast, or croissants, get anything you desire!
  • Sugo
    Sugo is known for its delicious Roman style pizza al taglio with a wide array of toppings. Anything is possible! The dough for their pizzas rises for 72 hours, which makes them deliciously crunchy on the outside, and fluffy on the inside.

We hope this has helped to inspire you, or maybe even helped you to find your new staple restaurant in the area! Still not sure if you should order some food or cook yourself? We say treat yourself, you deserve it ;)