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Serviced apartments Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and known as the liberal city where anything is possible. Its historic city centre and its beautiful canals is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Though the centre is famous for its canal houses with charming facades, there are other architectural styles to be found as well such as the Amsterdam School and cutting-edge modern buildings at the Zuidas district for example. So whether you are looking for a cosy central apartment or a slightly bigger and modern suburb apartment – we have your perfect serviced apartment in Amsterdam!

Living in Amsterdam

This cosmopolitan city attracts people from all over the world. With such a big expat community, there is always an event taking place where you can meet likeminded people. Because Amsterdam is such a booming city it is considered quite difficult to find appropriate housing. However, once you have found your own place – living in this city will be an experience of a lifetime! With more bicycles than people this green city is best discovered by bike. And since everybody seems to speak English, it is super easy to ask the way if you might get lost in the small streets.

Amsterdam’s diverse inhabitants are known for their attitude of tolerance to alternative lifestyles and those who choose to be ‘different’. It might come as no surprise then that Dutch children come top of the world’s happiest kids. Due to the great amount of freedom people experience from a young age (free to choose their own religion, sexuality, to try soft drugs, ride the bike and so on) they grow to be balanced human beings – freedom truly equals happiness! This happiness can be experienced in many forms, amongst them, with a Dutch beer in your hand in one of Amsterdam’s brown pubs. The relaxed atmosphere in the brown cafe’s will make you understand what the Dutch mean with gezellig. ‘Gezellig’ – a word that does not have an English equivalent and is used to describe a feeling of being cozy and happy – will be one of the first Dutch words you will learn when living here. Amsterdam is a world city with a 24-hour economy but that still has a ‘gezellige’ village feel – a combination that make plenty of international folks feel right at home here.