To make things as easy as possible we launched a new Partner Portal. This portal will ultimately allow you to upload and manage your own set of apartments on



At we work with vetted partners. That's why our Sales Team will always bring an on site visit after you signed up your company.

Do the apartments meet today's high-quality standards? Then the next step will be signing the partner contract and uploading the property and accomodation information.


We're excited that you want to become a member of the SA.NL family. 

Once you've signed up your company we'll reach out to you to schedule an on site visit.


Already signed your contract? We're glad you've joined us!

Just to get to know you better. Please complete the General Property Information of your property building(s).


Tell me more, tell me more.. You are now able to add your apartment(s) like a pro!

We hope you're ready for some action cause those booking requests will come your way in no-time!

Update your properties and apartments any time you want

Since you are one of our much appreciated partners, we would love to show all of the apartments you have to offer. However, to do so we need up-to-date and detailed information. To make things as easy as possible you can use our Partner Portal to upload and manage your own set of apartments on Did you make changes but do you not see them on our website (yet)? No worries. As soon as information in the Partner Portal has been changed, we will be notified. The information will be checked and will become visible on our website after approval!

Receive your bookings via our Partner Portal

Pling… you’ve got mail! As soon as we receive a request for a booking, we will notify you either by email or via the BOOST-portal. Feel free to submit as many offers as you would like. For some requests, we will ask you to make an offer for a specific unit in your portfolio. This will be indicated in the request along with more booking details such as estimated budget (if known), or other requirements such as parking or need for registration. You can always contact our reservations department in case you require additional information in order to submit your offer. 

What's the status?

We will present all options to our client and we will revert back to you in case we receive feedback or specific questions regarding the offer you submitted. Bear in mind that the client will base their decision on their personal preference and that we have little control over the decision-making. We will of course get back to you if we think that there is anything you can do to make your offer more appealing. Please note that it can also occur that the client decides not to proceed with the request. In case the client decides to go ahead with your offer, we will reach out to you to advise the next steps in the booking process.

Useful information

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