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The Hague: There is a reason behind almost every city name and there is definitely something funny going on with the name of this city. First of all, why does it have ‘the’ in front of the name? Is The Hague city that important that we have to say ‘The Hague’ instead of just ‘Hague’? Apparently the locals are to blame for this. People who live in The Hague never stopped using the old-fashioned way of pronouncing the name of the city, that refers to its medieval use. The official Dutch name of the city is Den Haag and comes from ‘Des Graven Hage’ which literally means ‘the counts’ hedge’. The Dutch noblemen (The Counts of Holland) loved to hunt and particularly in this area, hence the name.

Another remarkable thing about the city’s name is that the English and Dutch version are not the same (The Hague versus Den Haag). Names of countries and cities usually don’t change in other languages to prevent confusion. But like the city Vienna (Wien in German and Wenen in Dutch) The Hague also has multiple names, which is good to realize to avoid confusion on the highway for example.

There are a lot of international people working in The Hague. This is the result of the fact that The Hague houses most of the Embassy’s in the Netherlands and that the Dutch government is also based here. All these expats and their families need housing in The Hague of course, and we love help them find their home here. ServicedApartments.nl has a broad selection of expat housing in The Hague. Browse through our website for more information about our housing and services and if you get the chance visit the I am Expat Fair in The Hague on November 4th of this year. This is an international one-day event designed to connect and support the expat community in The Hague (and other places in the Netherlands).

When living in The Hague

Living in The Hague means you are living in a Royal city and so it is known as ‘the Royal City by the sea’. The Dutch royal family has multiple residential Palaces and work Palaces in the city. Keep an eye out for the coat of arms on some of the shops in The Hague. This shows that the Dutch Royal family selected those shops to deliver their goods to the Royal family. Another ‘fun’ fact about the Royals in The Hague is that the third Tuesday in September it is ‘Prinsjesdag’ (Prince’s day).  Every year on that day the Dutch government announces the new plans and budget for the coming year, read to the people by the King. This means the start of a new political year. By tradition the King and Queen arrive after a ride through the city in a golden carriage drawn by six horses. For the ladies this day also means it’s ‘hoedjesdag’ (hat day) since it’s a tradition to wear a special hat to the ceremony. Mark this day on the calendar and pay extra attention to extravagant hats that the women are wearing.

Due to its history and Royal ties the The Hague’s city center has a beautiful and classy old architecture. But they did not hold back on combining the older buildings with modern architecture, making it an attractive city to many different people. The international character of the city also adds to its appeal and makes it an easy city for expats to adapt to – not just for people moving here by themselves but also for families with kids. This is why The Hague has the highest concentration of international schools in the Netherlands for example. Read our blog about the international schools in The Hague here.

Lastly, it is not just the royalness, its international character or the good international schools that makes living in The Hague so pleasant. If you are seeking some relaxation, The Hague also has plenty to offer: Discover the great parks such as the Haagse Bos, a huge park in the heart of the city or feed your passion for retail therapy and go shopping in the cute little boutiques in the city center. Then end your day with a tasty dinner in one of the trendy bars/restaurants. Though, maybe the very best way to relax in this city is by enjoying the The Hague Beach (Scheveningen). Stroll along the 4-kilometre coastline, soak up the sun in one of the popular beach clubs or seek the adventure and practice your surfing skills!

ServicedApartments.nl for The Hague

ServicedApartments.nl offers temporary housing at multiple loactions throughout the city of The Hague. The apartments can be rented from one week up to a year. All the apartments are fully furnished and serviced which means that services such as weekly cleaning, linen change, WiFi and television are included in the rate. Some locations even offer private parking. The focus of all the apartments is on luxury, comfort and high quality service. The services even go beyond finding the perfect apartment. ServicedApartments.nl helps with an airport pick up service or car rental if requested. Besides that, our service team can advise you about upcoming events, restaurants or any other questions you might have.

The advantages of renting an apartment through ServicedApartments.nl are:

  • Fully furnished and equipped apartments
  • Carefully selected places
  • Wide range of apartments
  • Perfect locations
  • Additional services such as weekly cleaning
  • Personal welcome
  • No hidden costs or fees


Are you interested in renting a short stay apartment in The Hague? Don’t hesitate to call us via +31 (0)20 723 3490.

Easy to book your expat housing in The Hague

It is very easy to book your expat housing in The Hague via Servicedapartments.nl. Simply browse through all the apartments on this website, select the apartment you like and check what more is offered. If you choose to book, simply fill in the request form and someone from our bookings team will get back to you within one workday. Once the booking is confirmed, you are all set. If you want to know more about how to book an apartment, visit our how to book page.

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