Why it’s awesome to bring your family to the Netherlands in Summer 

When the clouds finally begin to part and golden sunlight fills the streets, Dutch cities come to life. Summer is a great time for visiting the Lowlands – no matter, if you are travelling alone or with family. The restaurants open their terraces and you can find the Dutch lounging in parks and beaches. There are also plenty of activities organized outdoors for adults and children. Also, keep in mind, the climate may be moderate, but the sun can get intense. Below, we’ve created a list of summer activities for your family. Check it out!

1. Enjoy a day at one of the gorgeous beaches  

You won’t believe that you are not in South Europe. The Netherlands boasts some impressive beaches, such as Zandvoort, Bloemendaal, or Scheveningen (and many more!). Sunbathe, eat brunch at one of the beach bars, or even go surfing. Many beaches are lined with colourful beach huts, where you can stay with the whole family. 


2. Explore the country on your bike 

The Netherlands has bicycle paths literally everywhere. You can easily plan a route from city to city, across the countryside, and take in some of its most beautiful views. Some favourites are routes around Giethoorn, the Groene Hart, or by the dunes. You might want to rent a bike on one of the islands, such as the popular Texel for a memorable experience.  


3. Rent a boat and cruise down the canals 

Nothing beats enjoying time with family and friends on the water. Buy some drinks, grab a lunch and lazily drift down the canals, admiring the historical buildings. Some of the best views can be seen from this perspective!
You can easily book a boat online, also with a skipper if you are not licensed yourself.   


4. Visit one of the many events 

The weekend agendas are full of food, music, or sports events. Many of which are kid-friendly. You can also take your family to Madurodam to see the miniature version of Holland’s most famous landmarks. Or, head to one of the amusement parks, such as the Efteling or Walibi Holland.  


5. Simply go for lunch on a terrace 

Wherever you decide to go, you will find terraces everywhere. Restaurant owners use every space possible to ensure a sun-loving experience for their guests. This is exactly where you will find the majority of the Dutch on summer evenings and weekends. Geniet ervan!