Top Tips for Business Travellers

Sign up for pre-check, global entry, and loyalty programmes

Pre-trip is the best time to ensure that you have signed up for any global entry, loyalty programmes, and/or airport lounge memberships that you plan to use. There are plenty to choose from and which will suit you best depends on your situation, budget, and home country.

Charge your devices

Before you set out on your business trip, don’t forget to charge up your devices. While your mobile phone and laptop are probably on a perpetual charge cycle, don’t forget your other devices as well. There is nothing more unpleasant than your earphones, e-reader, or electric toothbrush running out of juice just when you need it. And while a charge point is often not too far away, especially on business flights, portable batteries are cheap and lightweight, if you want the extra security.

Download useful apps

The app market is well stocked when it comes to business travellers. While almost everyone knows TripIt, the travel management app, don’t forget to also consider your airline, hotel, and rental car’s app. As well as an expense reporting app, a meditation app, and apps for your destination (we’ve got a great selection of apps for the Netherlands).

Invest in your luggage

We’ve all seen those videos that make you want to retreat in horror of just how poorly your luggage can be treated by baggage handlers. So be sure to invest in some good quality and sturdy luggage. It may be more expensive, but good quality luggage can save you headaches and money as you embark on more and more business trips throughout the year.

Bonus Tip: Also consider a travel scale. Lightweight and small in size, this handy device can help avoid overweight baggage fees and clarify just how many local delicacies you can bring back with you.

Keep your routine

As far as possible, keep to your routine when travelling for business. If you typically work out in the morning, adjust your schedule or get up early to fit in a morning workout. If you enjoy a cup of tea before winding down for the night, ensure you have tea making facilities where you are staying and bring along your favourite blend (serviced apartments are great for this).

Find tools to stay productive

Invest in tools that are going to help you stay productive and on schedule. A portable battery, mini keyboard, and WiFi access (via an international package, device, or local internet card) can all make the difference between major or minimal disruption to your workload.

Know where you are going

Yes, it is possible to step off the plane, hop into a taxi and leave the logistics to everyone else. But sometimes it pays to know where you are going and what’s in the neighbourhood. Do some research about your upcoming destination, including places for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and recreation. Learn a little about the driving, public transport, and/or taxi situation. And use Google maps to get a more “real” representation of how things look so that you can identify some key landmarks once you arrive.